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Integrative Wellness

Live well. Be well. Stay well. Embrace wellness at The Seneca.

The Seneca

Getting into the flow

At The Seneca, having a positive impact on our residents’ well-being is not only a goal, it is a belief system that is central to our core. Integrative wellness–a holistic approach to keeping mind and body in balance–affects every aspect of what we do. It impacts the enrichment programs at Watermark University. It infuses our approach to The Bridge and Memory Care. Because maintaining balance–mind, body, and soul–is central to health and well-being. 

There are many pathways, but sustained connections with nature have proven to have a myriad of benefits. At The Seneca, nature is omnipresent. From untrammeled outdoor wooded areas to common indoor spaces designed for energy and flow with an indoor/outdoor aesthetic. Open floor plans and dramatic windows that flood residences with natural light, along with a spacious courtyard perfect for al fresco dining.


Our landscaped verandas and expansive gardens include a Serenity Garden and meditative Labyrinth Walk. An ancient practice, walking a labyrinth quiets the mind. It’s a path to a literal center, grounding and centering, and represents the journey of life. 

Diversity & Acceptance

We believe in celebrating diversity and tolerance and have partnered with SAGE to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ seniors. 

Fitness & Wellness

Like spokes in a wheel, every service and amenity at The Seneca is designed to connect and balance the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of residents. 

Amenities & Activities

A relaxing massage? A quiet walk in the Serenity Garden? A painting class? At The Seneca, discover talents that you never knew you had. 

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