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Feed the senses and nourish the soul with our chef’s farm-to-table fare.

The Seneca

Culinary Delights

Food is truly one of the great pleasures of life. With several distinctive dining options, The Seneca’s classically trained culinary team creates meals that become moments to savor. 

Woodlands, our signature restaurant, serves farm-to-table fare, and features an open-hearth oven and exhibition kitchen. Long Draught Lounge is a magnet for those seeking conversation over mixologist-crafted cocktails, wine, beer and casual dining. Bluffs Bistro features freshly brewed coffee, an array of teas, and homemade pastries, and a unique twist to breakfast and lunch favorites. The Maple Room is an intimate private dining experience. And Magnolia Courtyard is perfect for anyone who loves fresh air and dining al fresco! 

At The Seneca, culinary experiences range from refined to casual, elegant to inspired—yet all offer seasonal menus featuring the farm-fresh ingredients and unique touches from our classically trained chefs. In-room dining, room service, and catered private dining for special occasions is always available, too.


Our signature restaurant, Woodlands, boasts an open-hearth oven and daily specials that can be enjoyed inside or on the lively patio. The exhibition kitchen is where our chefs showcase their skill and provide a little theater for diners who get to watch them in action. Cooking in a stone-hearth oven not only leads to delicious outcomes, it can be thrilling to watch. Woodlands is a happening spot, where the food is as good as the show!

Long Draught Lounge

Not quite a pub, not really a tavern, Long Draught Lounge is its own unique and special place, where residents will enjoy feeling like regulars, and the server will remember your drink of choice. A draw for those seeking conversation over craft cocktails, wine, and beer, it showcases a signature menu, with satisfying, heart-warming dishes. A modern, casual setting where friends and family will gather to nourish mind, body, and soul–or cheer for the home team on the night of a big game.

Bluffs Bistro

Bright, open, and cheerful, Bluffs Bistro is the perfect place to read the newspaper, catch up with a friend, or enjoy a cup of fresh-brewed joe. The ambiance is laid-back and the menu is sure to satisfy all palates–there is so much on offer, and it’s that good! Salads, soups, sandwiches, shakes, there is something on the menu for everyone!

Magnolia Courtyard

Magnolia Courtyard is a bucolic garden spot that features outdoor seating among our landscaped trees and gardens. Connect with nature, warm yourself in the sun, and enjoy a menu of small plates and appetizers. 

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